Weird Dream or Excellent Medical Drama/Comedy

20 Dec


Ok so this post isn’t strictly about health, but I really did have to share this.

So I had a dream last night of the best trash, low-budget medical comedy ever! If this was made into a series it would make scrubs look like ER.

The dream opened with myself in first person walking through a hospital. I was a doctor and was discussing a patient with a female colleague. We come across a stand selling cream pies and a woman had dropped hers and was complaining that they had added cinnamon that she hadn’t asked for.

We then find out that there is a strange form of diabetes running through the women and children in the hospital that leaves them all hairless. At this point it’s not that wide-spread, but it is affecting more people by the minute.

The problem escalates and we have to use quarantine facilities while we work out what’s going on. While talking to a male colleague I notice one of the nurses has dropped here cream pie too.

The conversation continues throughout the day, a woman drops a cream pie in the lift and we have to walk to an emergency meeting to figure out what’s going on with this bizarre new strain of diabetes. We also pass the fist male colleague to get the disease, he is the only man to get it.

During the meeting the view goes to 3rd person and there’s a cliché flashback to the women dropping pies as we realise that someone is poisoning them.

The theory is that the poison from the pies is affecting anyone who hasn’t gone through male puberty.

We all go to confront the pie merchants, but only the women make it as the men go crazy and try to stop them. The poison it seems evokes a strong aversion to having children to the point that the men go insane.

We then cut to one woman played by Miracle Laurie  (yes that’s her name) who is confronted by head doctor Dan Akyroyd, who tries to kill Miracle using a bazooka. Cue ridiculous cliché explosions and diving around.

Sadly I woke up then, but with some comedy banter thrown in I think it would be an amazing show – if a little niche…

Anyway this wasn’t really health related at all, but I hope you enjoyed it!!


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