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New workout song – Time by Chase & Status ft Delilah

19 Sep

Here’s the latest song on my workou7t playlist, Time by Chase & Status ft Delilah. While it’s not new, it is still very good, well in fact the whole Chase Status album is pretty serious. Up tempo and perfect for getting you fired up to push harder and run further.

Just forget about midnight caller – seriously. I believe it’s Claire Maguire on track, who I like, but this song is so far out of place on the album, just skip it and save your time.

Here’s the video, check it out.

Hope you like it,

Ni, the Supplementer


Music to work out to: Janelle Monae

4 Aug

Janelle Monae: Up tempo music for a good run

I’m not a big fan of working out with other people. Call me antisocial if you will, but working out with someone else usually turns into talking with someone else. So without someone urging me on to push that extra weight, or run those last few kilometres, I turn to music to get into ‘the zone’.

At the moment that largely means I’m listening to ‘funkstress’, Janelle Monae, who describes her latest album, Archandroid, as a mix of scores from films such as Goldfinger, epic albums including Stevie’s Music of my Mind, David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust, and jamming experimental hip hop stuff like Stankonia.

The result of all this and her first EP, Metropolis, is a set of up-tempo tracks that have a great energy and are engaging enough to immerse yourself in, without losing focus. They’re great for running along to as the beat is nice and steady without being too quick.

Of special note are:

Many Moons – This song is brilliant for getting into a run, but gives you a bit of a tail off to catch your breath.Although the album version doesn’t tail off for as long.

Cold War – perfect for putting it up a notch, play it loud and make sure no one is in your way, or use it for pushing out that final set of those high repetition, low weight reps.

I hope you enjoy Janelle’s music as much as I do. Not all of it is suitable for working out to, but I hope you find these songs useful in your fitness endeavours. Check out her other songs Violent Stars Happy Hunting and Faster.

Health be with you,

Ni, The Supplementer