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The beginning of a new workout

21 Sep

Having put it off for far too long, I am finally getting a review of my workout routine at my LA Fitness in Holborn. I’m hoping that this will help restart my motivation and give me a new set of goals to focus on.


Up until now I have been doing chest presses, shoulder presses, weighted row, pull ups, leg presses and some rather lack lustre abs training, followed up by twenty minutes of cardio if I’m really up for it.


It really is time to upgrade my fitness and really get back to my former glory. With this in mind I will be working back up to hitting the gym a minimum of 3 times a week and hope to be in full swing by October, when I can really kick it up a notch and concentrate on building muscle, losing fat, thus getting stronger and faster.


Wish me luck,


Ni, the Supplementer